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お問い合わせ | Contact

  1. 入力
  2. 確認
  3. 完了

お名前 | Your name必須

メールアドレス | E-mail必須

電話番号 | Tel

対象施設 | Campus必須

お問合せ項目 | Inquiry items必須

お問合せ内容 | Inquiry content必須


If you would like to visit and interview, please fill in the details by the 3rd preferred date.



☆教員・職員の場合→所属部局(●●研究院,●●センター,△△課,△△室 など)


If you are TUFS faculty and students, please enter the following items in the Inquiry content.

☆If you are a faculty member

→ a department (●● research institute, ●● center, △△ section, △△ room, etc.)

☆If you are a student

→ Affiliation/student number


If you have any inquiries about admission or use, please fill in this as well.

お子様のお名前 | Child Name

生年月日 | Date of Birth

個人情報保護方針 | Privacy policy必須


Please agree to the handling of our privacy policy.